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What did we do, when we built the Internet?

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I remember well, back in the eighties, sitting at my little flickering 14 inch screen, hour after hour, day after day, writing software for this new thing called Internet and being laughed at, by all and sundry, for my geeky behaviour which ‘is going nowhere’ and ‘a waste of my time’.

infographic (http://www NULL.businessinsider saw enough potential to dedicate my life to it. Now, look at it!

Was I right or was I right? See these amazing statistics, presented in a beautiful graphic form, for the answer, 25 years. later, when it’s all taken for granted by everyone, except absolute neo-luddites (http://en NULL.wikipedia, even by the main-stream culture:

Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet (http://www NULL.businessinsider

Read more: (http://www NULL.businessinsider

Like many pioneers of technology, of lesser importance, our efforts are now forgotten – but not by those, who were involved in it all.

For us, it is vindication of our manic ideas.

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2 comments to What did we do, when we built the Internet?

  • Nella

    So you proved them nee sayers wrong :)
    Amazing what those billio ns who have access to the internet get up to.

    Muito obrigada Sir Tim Berners-Lee!!

  • Patrice

    Hee Ray, great! yes,those were the days!
    And no fame = no regret (look at those who got it – a poisonous gift)
    better to be honoured and remebered by those who really know.
    Cheers from patrizio & Diiiinooos!
    (Dev Borem Korum, as they say in Goa ;-)
    ( (http://www NULL.mail-archive null@null lists NULL.goanet NULL.html))

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